Seeking for the truth 1967~68

Half a year has passed since I last met you all. How have you been? I am doing fine. I am sorry that I have caused even all the relatives anxiety about myself. I have truly nothing to do with the Incident which occurred at the Kogane Miso factory. I am innocent. I am calmly waiting for the next hearing.
My room is warm enough and I have currently nothing to complain about. I think that you have heard from my counsel that I have been permitted to meet you. So I would love to meet you again. I am sure that my Mom and sisters must also have been having a hard time, but please take good care of my son.
Take care of yourselves! Goodbye.

Dear Mom, (omission)
My hateful fellow is a man who made me seem abnormal and made me out to be the criminal. God, I have not committed any crime. I am crying every day. I shout, praying with all my heart that my cry will be borne on the breezes of Shizuoka and will reach the ears of people in society.
. Mom, life is said to be full of ups and downs. Also, it says that he who laughs last laughs longest. I believe the day will definitely come when we can talk with a smile.
. Mom, is it not allowed for a man to swim against the tide of fate? But Mom, I am not always thinking about it seriously every day.
It was cold because it was snowing heavily also here in prison yesterday. I had been watching the snow fall for a long time. I thought it was so beautiful. The next hearing will be held on February 24 . There is always a large number of people at the court.
Mom, there is a daily calendar pad in my cell. There is a photo of an elderly woman on the calendar who is watching the sun set, holding a child on her back. It reminds me of you and my son. I will probably be spending some tedious days for the time being. That’s means I am passing my time reading books all day long. I eat and sleep, eat and sleep, day and night, and get fatter and fatter. Take care.

Dear Mom,
How are you all? I am doing fine.
The hearing was temporally held on the 25 and the court decided to re-appraise a series of issues, such as my pajamas.
So this will gradually give me an advantage. The next hearing will be held on October 21. It has been decided that my wife will be questioned from 1 p.m. and Tomo Hakamada (an annotation by an editor: Iwao’s mother) will be questioned from 2 p.m. The lawyer will prepare you for the kind of questions you may be asked. Of course, as I have nothing to do with this case, please come here confidently. Goodbye.

Dear Mom,
I am sorry to hear that something is wrong with your right hand. I wish you a quick recovery.
Since my 30 daily hearings to the court have finished, I have been earnestly waiting for the verdict. Looking back on the trial, the fake evidence which the police fabricated was clearly distinguished and I am sorry to say that this is nothing but an unjust process which betrays all the citizens. If this unjust process is allowed to continue, the world will be a dark and hopeless place for ordinary people. I don’t have a lot to say about the outcome, but I am waiting for the verdict on July 18 with the firm belief that I am not guilty as long as the court doesn’t misunderstand the facts.

Dear Mom,
Please don’t worry about me. There is nothing to be worried about. I wish you a complete and prompt recovery. From Iwao (After the death sentence was handed down at the first hearing, on September 11, 1968) (A telegram from Iwao to his mother.)

Dear Mom,
The verdict was an unexpected one which was noticeably based on an erroneous assumption of the facts. So I have immediately lodged an appeal. I think that the second hearing will probably be held at the beginning of next year. So I think I will be able to spend New Year’s Day in Shizuoka. It is unnecessary to lament this situation. The fight will start from now on. I have good grounds and I am confident in turning over the Ishimi verdict.
I am now doing fine and elaborating the next plan of action.
Please set your mind at ease. Goodbye.