A cry of innocence 1969~75

Dear Dad, Mom and everyone, (omission)
I was so happy to receive some cakes and some chrysanthemum flowers from supporting groups including the “Invitation of Love” group in Tokyo at the end of last year. I had a small Christmas celebration.

By the way, how is my son? These are truly irresponsible words for a parent, please forgive me. I guess he is now growing quite big. If you have any recent photos of my son, please send them to me. I have written many things, but I ask you this favor.

Dear Brother, (omission)
I strongly felt through my body that even a judge is also a man who can easily make mistakes. I feel that I am in an illusion, that the purpose of my life might be to endure this. From now on I think that I will start actively and openly fighting against this at the risk of my whole existence. Currently, the high court is listening completely to our voice. So I hope that the court will redress the errors of the original ruling as soon as possible and help maintain the trust of civilians in the impartiality of the trial process.

Well, I am a death row inmate even if I am innocent. I have to live with enduring sorrow which penetrates my whole body.
There are times when the endless fear of an execution which is unknown to me makes my heart cold beyond comparison.
And then I tremble with fear as if my whole body was caught in a cold winter wind. This is a terrifying moment which I cannot believe in, even with my five senses. However, I will win. Today, I don’t think that my determination and action toward my life is like taking a leap in the dark, just the same as throwing an egg at some stones.


Dear Brother,
Regarding the pants soiled with blood in this case, as you can see in the photographs shown as evidence, it is impossible for me to put them on, even if I had reduced my weight by 40 kilograms. As you can see from my build, I have no choice but to say that it is unnatural and out of the question to argue with my weight as to whether I wore the pants or not. This is not a question of my weight, but a matter of a human’s bone structure. Therefore, they cannot call me a criminal, not even a suspect, in this case.

During my custody, letters from my mother suddenly ceased after 1968. I felt that the time of the saddest moment in my life was drawing near and was shocked as if my whole body had frozen in a blast. I could do nothing but watch my trembling hands with fear. I was struck through my body by a cold thrill of terror just like a black ripple and gradually entered a desperate condition with a ferocious feeling that I wanted to put a curse on everything in the world. At that time I was informed in prison about my parents’ death. I asked God that this may be some kind of mistake. However, no one can deny such a fact.(May 10)


Dear Brother, (omission)
The only way to establish my innocence was to ask a lawyer to investigate the case to start a fair trial. At the time of the interrogation, my health condition was extremely bad and it was really difficult for me to protect my own life in such a bad
condition. By reason of this, it was a really urgent necessity, first of all, for me to try to free myself from the hands of the police in Shimizu. I swear by heaven and earth I am not the real criminal in this case. It was quite inevitable for me to follow the bidding of the investigators in order to save my life.